Water-based hydrophobic preparation which retains and preserves the original colour of the stone and does not increasing slipperiness of surface.

Reduces the absorbability of the substrate

Enhances resistance to dirt and efflorescence

HG-1 is manufactured on the basis of siloxanes, in order to protect mineral, porous substrates of flamed granite against water.

It reduces the absorbability of the substrate – ensures protection against precipitation water and penetration of harmful chemical compounds dissolved in water into the material structure.

It increases the resistance of the impregnated substrate to dirt, efflorescence and the development of biological contamination.

Alkali-resistant, durable – UV-resistant, solvent-free. It does not degrade the properties of the protected material in terms of gas and water vapor diffusion   the pores remain open.

Application area:

  • All substrates made of flamed granite
  • It can be used indoors and outdoors,
  • for old and new surfaces.