Retains and preserves the original surface colour.
Long-lasting effect against dirt SUPER ANTI-STAIN,
Does not increase slipperiness of the surface,

SM-1 is manufactured on the basis of resins and aromatized organic solvents. SM-1 penetrates deeply into the structure of the substrate, bonds with it permanently and gives a resistant layer.

Sealer not affect the physicochemical properties of the original substrate. The SM-1 sealer protects the substrate against the ingress of dirt, grease, sugar solutions and oil, which extends the service life.
Surface treated by SM-1 is resistant to:
pH of the cleaning agents used, ranging from pH 5 to pH 9,
UV radiation, acid rain, the formation of algae, mold, lichen, moss and seaweed.

The coating is frost-resistant.

Application area:

  • all substrates made of marble, on which waxes, rinse aids, polymer coatings and fat are not applied.
  • product can be used on both indoor and outdoor surfaces,
  • for old and new surfaces.