How to use our preparations correctly?


Efficiency in 8 simple steps


Before starting, thoroughly clean the surface of dirt, dust, patina, loose and loose fragments, tapes and adhesives as well as remnants of paint coatings. Make sure the surface is dry


Make sure that the underfloor heating is turned off and that the surface is protected from direct sunlight and precipitation during application. It is best to apply at a temperature of + 10 to + 25°C


Protect all wooden, metal, glass and rubber surfaces that are close to the application site (e.g. with painter's foil)


Apply with a hand sprayer, paint roller, brush or brush. Make sure to spread the product generously and evenly over the entire surface until it is saturated (so that there are no empty holes)


Brush intensively for about 1 minute, until you get the effect of small foam bubbles


Wait 2 minutes and then brush the entire surface again


After approx. 8 min. stop the reaction, collect the preparation from the surface, and then rinse twice with water. Collect the water with a wet vacuum cleaner or absorbent material


If you are not satisfied with the result, repeat the process


Remember to always follow the instructions for use described above when using our preparations.

The effectiveness of the product depends on the correct use of the product. Therefore, it is extremely important to follow the recommendations