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Anti-slip preparations

Water-based anti-slip preparations. They are intended for self-made anti-slip protection - outside and inside buildings, on old and new surfaces.


Water preparations for cleaning and spot stain removal of very difficult, old dirt. They guarantee 100% effectiveness, without the risk of changing the surface color or discoloration. These are professional and highly concentrated agents.

Solvent impregnates

Impregnants intended for all substrates made of non-absorbent materials. They effectively protect against dirt and do not increase the slipperiness of the substrate. They allow you to keep the original color of natural stone.

Water impregnations

Preparations made on the basis of siloxanes. They increase the resistance of the impregnated surface to dirt, efflorescence and the development of biological contamination. They are resistant to alkalis and UV rays, solvent-free.

Why should you trust CTS Chemistry?

Modern technologies

Modern technologies

Thanks to modern technological solutions, our products are a symbol of quality, effectiveness and safety.
Unique solutions

Unique solutions

All our products are based on proprietary, patented and certified recipes.
Investments and development

Investments and development

Thanks to constant investments in our own infrastructure, we maintain the high quality of our products, as well as systematically develop their portfolio.

Why us?

CTS Chemistry creates professional and highly concentrated preparations with a guarantee of effectiveness. Ours work quickly and are easy to apply. In addition, they do not change the aesthetics of the surface, color, or create discoloration. Thanks to them, every material looks better than ever, is easier to clean, slower to use and safer for users.

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Unique preparations

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Our customers

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We have numerous customers from 8 export markets around the world. Thanks to CTS Chemistry preparations, they care about the durability of their surfaces and the safety of users.