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<tc>VB-1 Water-based sealer for concrete walls</tc>


Water-based hydrophobic preparation that does not change original colour of substrate.

Reduces the absorbability of the substrate
Enhances resistance to dirt and efflorescence

VB-1 is manufactured on the basis of siloxanes, in order to protect mineral, porous substrates of concrete walls against water. 
It reduces the absorbability of the substrate – ensures protection against precipitation water and penetration of harmful chemical compounds dissolved in water into the material structure.
 It increases the resistance of the impregnated substrate to dirt, efflorescence and the development of biological contamination. 
Alkali-resistant, durable – UV-resistant, solvent-free. It does not degrade the properties of the protected material in terms of gas and water vapor diffusion the pores remain open.

Application area

All substrates makes of concrete 
For use inside and outside buildings on old and new surfaces.

Before application, the surface should be cleaned of dirt, dust, patina, loose elements, salt efflorescence and residues of paint coats.
Any adjacent substrate not being treated with the product must be protected. 
Never apply to wet substrate. The product can be used on slightly damp substrate; nonetheless, please ensure that bricks substrate to be treated is as dry as possible.
At the time of application, substrate should not be displayed in direct sunlight and rainfalls.

Note. Impregnation should not be performed on surfaces with high salinity, as this may lead to intensification of the crystallization process of construction salts and destruction of the substrate material.


VB-1 is a ready to use product. DO NOT DILUTE.

May be applied using low pressure spray, brush or roller.
Apply the product generously and evenly on the entire area until the surface is saturated. Repeat the action several times depending on attributes and porosity of the surface by the "wet on the wet" method.
Subsequent applications MUST be applied “wet on wet” within 10 minutes of previous application. Do not allow the substrate to dry between application.
Depending on the properties and porosity of the protected substrate, the above procedure should be repeated 2 or 3 times. 
During works and immediately after their completion, the freshly impregnated surfaces should be protected against direct sunlight and precipitation for a minimum of 5 hours.

Comments and recommendations

Do not allow the applied product to dry between applications. 
Do not apply during rain or frost and when surface and air temperature is < 5°C and > 30°C.
All surfaces must be treated to saturation in 1-3 applications “wet on wet” applied, to ensure 100% product efficacy. This varies with substrate, and treating a small trial area is recommended to calculate true consumption. 

This information constitutes the basic guidelines for the use of the product and does not release from the obligation to perform work in accordance with the principles of art of the construction, conservation guidelines and health and safety regulations.

Do not apply during rain or frost and when surface and air temperature is < 5°C and > 30°C.

Before application, we recommend testing the product on a small, unexposed area.


The product contains: 2-methyl-2H-isothiazol-3-one

Technical specifications

Product density: approx. 1.0 kg / dm³
PH: approx. 7
Odour: neutral
Colour: milky white, colourless after drying, transparent Resistance to rain: after 5-6 hours
Water absorption coefficient: Wd <0.1 kg / m2 x h1 / 2 or <7.5% acc. PN-EN 1504-2 / EN 13580 /
Water vapor diffusion resistance: Sd = 0.0 [m]
Alkali resistance - measured with water absorption according to PN-EN 1504-2 / EN 13580 <10%
Penetration depth:> 5 mm, measured according to EN 14630
Drying rate factor class 2 to 1 / depending on the degree of absorption / water absorption
substrate, measured according to EN 13579
Coverage: 1 L covers approx. 5-11 m² 
Application temperature: + 5 °C to + 30 °C

Available packaging

1L/5L bottle

Expiry date: Up to 36 months of storage at temperatures >+ 5°C to < 30°C, in original unopened manufacturer's packaging. Water-based product = it freezes at temperatures < 0°C.