CTS Chemistry

<tc>VD-1 Water-based sealer for ceramic roof tiles</tc>


Water-based, hydrophobic, and does not change the colour of the substrate.

Purpose and Features:

▪ an aqueous, hydrophobic, siloxane-based impregnating agent that does not
change the colour of the substrate,
▪ for the protection of ceramic tiles against water. Facilitates cleaning.
▪ reduces the absorbability of the substrate - protects against rainwater and the
penetration of harmful chemical compounds dissolved in water into the
structure of the substrate,
▪ increases the resistance of the impregnated surface to dirt, blooms, algae,
lichens, fungi and the development of possible contamination,
▪ alkali resistant,
▪ durable - resistant to UV rays,
▪ solvent-free - safe for impregnated substrates, does not change the colour of
the substrate,
▪ it is characterized by a neutral fragrance,
▪ it does not deteriorate the properties of the protected material in terms of gas
and water vapor diffusion; the pores remain open - the tile "breathes"

Application area:

▪ impregnation of ceramic roof tiles,
▪ for use on new and old surfaces

Substrate preparation:

1. The method of cleaning the substrate should be adjusted individually to a given
object, the method of production of a given substrate and its state of
2. Before impregnation, the substrate should be cleaned of dust, dirt, patina, loose
and loose particles, salt efflorescence and remains of paint coatings.
3. The substrate should be dry. Light surface moisture is allowed.
4. Any defects in the substrate should be filled before starting the impregnation process.
5. It is recommended to protect against possible dirt all surfaces in the vicinity of the impregnated substrate
- construction carpentry, glass, etc.
Caution. Impregnation should not be carried out on surfaces with a high degree of salinity, as this can lead to
intensification of the process of crystallization of building salts and destruction of the substrate material.
Application instructions:
VD-1 waterproofing is produced in a ready-to-use form. Do not dilute.
1. The application of the substance should be carried out by the painting method, with a soft roller, a brush,
and on large surfaces, you can use spray equipment with a nozzle that ensures the delivery of a flattened
stream of liquid.
2. In both cases, ensure that the product is generously and evenly distributed over the entire surface until the
substrate is saturated, applying one evenly distributed thicker layer.
3. If after about 5 - 10 minutes, the applied impregnant soaks into the substrate, make another application
on the entire previously impregnated surface. This operation must be carried out using the method: wet
on wet, not allowing the substrate to dry after the first application.
4. Depending on the features and porosity of the protected substrate, the above operation should be
repeated 2 or 3 times.
5. During and immediately after the work, freshly impregnated surfaces should be protected from direct
sunlight and exposure to precipitation for a minimum of 5 hours.
Before impregnation, it is recommended to perform, according to the above recommendations, in an invisible place to
test the reaction of the substrate to the substance.

Comments and recommendations

The general safety rules should be applied in accordance with the safety data sheet.
This information constitutes basic guidelines for the use of the product and does not release the user from the obligation
to perform works in accordance with good building practice, conservation guidelines and health and safety regulations.
Tools should be cleaned with clean water immediately after use. Keep away from children.
VD-1 is a one-component formulation based on siloxanes.

Technical data

▪ Density of the product: approx. 1.0 kg/dm3
▪ pH: approx. 7
▪ Odor: neutral
▪ Color: milky white, after drying colorless, transparent Resistance to rain: after 5-6 hours,
▪ Absorption coefficient: Wd < 0.1 kg/m2 x h1/2 or < 7.5% according to EN 1504-2/EN 13580/ Water vapor
diffusion resistance: Sd = 0.0 [m].
▪ Resistance to alkalis - measured by coefficient of absorption according to PN-EN 1504-2 /EN 13580 < 10%
▪ Penetration depth: > 5 mm, measured according to EN 14630
▪ Drying rate coefficient class 2 to 1 / depending on the absorption/absorption of the substrate, measured
according to EN 13579


Depending on the type and absorbency of the substrate, 1 litre is sufficient for approx. 5-11 m2

Application temperature

from + 5 ° C to + 30 ° C


1 litre bottle and 5 litre bottle

Expiry date

Use the substance within 36 months from the production date shown on the packaging. The mixture should be stored
and transported in tightly closed, original packaging, in dry conditions and at a temperature between + 5 ° C and + 30 ° C.
Protect against overheating. The water-based product freezes below 0 ° C.