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<tc>D-2B Cleaner for removing construction dirt</tc>


It is a water-based, colourless substance dedicated to the removal of post-construction dirt, residues of lime and cement mortars and mineral dirt.

Application area

Designed for surfaces made of concrete, granite, floor tiles, pool ceramics, brick, clinker and other acid-resistant materials.
For indoor and outdoor use, on new and old surfaces.
An intensive penetration of dirt into the concrete surface removes effectively unwanted dirt.

Application instructions

Due to the material diversity of surfaces to be cleaned, before cleaning, a test should be
made in a hardly visible place to check whether there is an unwanted reaction, e.g.
1. The surface to be washed should be moistened with clean water and wait 2-3
2. Then apply the preparation D-2B with a soft brush or a sponge on the surface
requiring cleaning.
3. After applying the substance, the applied surface should be brushed intensively
with circular movements with a brush, a brush or a sponge for about 5 - 10
4. Leave the substance on the surface for approx. 2-3 minutes and brush the
surface intensively again for approx. 5-10 seconds.
5. After another 2-3 minutes, the cleaned surface should be rinsed with plenty of
water and allowed to dry.
6. If necessary, repeat the above-mentioned activities.
7. Depending on the degree of soiling, use an appropriate dilution with water.
a) very heavy soiling - dilution 1: 1
b) light dirt - 1: 2
c) extremely heavy soiling - we use the substance undiluted
Do not use the substance on materials that react with acids, such as: marble, travertine, aluminum, chrome surfaces.
Comments and recommendations:
The substance in the form of a concentrate.

The general safety rules should be applied in accordance with the safety data sheet.
Before cleaning, you should be stocked up on safety equipment: goggles and nitrile gloves, rubber boots.
Use typical tools such as: buckets, brushes, standard cloths and polyurethane sponges.
The contact of the D-2B Cleaner with metal surfaces, galvanic coatings, paints, plaster and other surfaces made of
materials that absorb water is not allowed.
Irritating to skin and eyes. A prolonged contact with the substance may damage eyes / skin.
When using it, ensure good ventilation of the room.
Keep away from children.

The product includes

Orthophosphoric acid, propan-2-ol

Technical data

- an aqueous, colourless solution
- density approx. 1 kg / dm3
- pH approx. 2
- smell characteristic of detergents
- efficiency per 1 litre: 2-6 m2 (depending on the degree of soiling and the structure of the substrate)
Packaging: 1 litre bottle and 5 litre bottle

Expiry date

Use the substance within 36 months from the production date shown on the packaging. The mixture should be stored
and transported in tightly closed, original packaging, in dry conditions and at a temperature between + 5 ° C and + 30 ° C.
Protect against overheating. The water-based product freezes below 0 ° C.